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A few more photos

Finally the photographing of the documents is complete, well undoubtedly there will be one or two images I may need to go back and take but I have plenty to be going on with.

After spending a fair few hours today resizing images to use in the edit I took a bit of time to look at another project exploring archives. Les Bicknell is undertaking a research project ‘unpicking and unbinding’ at a number of archives and collections in the Eastern region. Immediately on looking at Les’s blog there are plenty of images of objects, where as documents have been the fodder for this project. There are some similarities in things we have both been drawn to record: fastenings, seals and storage. The ways in which artists view documents, collections and archives differs from those who work in these contexts – an obvious point but nevertheless important in the promotion of cross discipline working.

To check out Les’s blog see: http://unpickingandrebinding.blogspot.co.uk/