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A further set of unpredictable circumstances made it necessary to take another temporary break from the editing process but now I am back to it with my sights set fully of completion. These unexpected breaks can be very useful as cutting and deleting becomes a very straightforward and fairly quick process.

I’m keeping the edit to between 8 and 10 minutes and anyone who edits knows that this is a fairly long time, I am aiming for nearer 8 minutes but there is just so much material. Five commissioners, plus local charitable activity, plus a larger scale civic infrastructure project means there is a lot to bring in. Getting a balance will be important. I have been cutting and adding over the last few days and found it useful to review some of the original photographs today to make sure I’m including all the best material.

Within an edit of this length, the need to keep rendering becomes a issue, so rather than look at the screen and the slowly moving timeline showing the remaining time to render completion, I have been doodling – it allows me to alter the focal length of my eyes, looking out the window into the distance also helps. I enjoy digital processes but staring at a screen for hours can have its costs.

There are several bits and pieces that don’t quite work at present and I need the help of the technician I have been working with at Norwich Arts Centre. James is a great technician and understands the diversity of file types and glitches in the editing software I am using. I have found during the editing process there is little point in having Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop open at the same time, these programmes seem to disrupt one another or maybe its just my computer.

At the end of last year Laura the Project Manager took some photographs of books from the Lords Library. One of these books contains details of the Foundry (or Wensum) Bridge Act, the significant connection between Norwich and Parliament that came to light while working with the group. I wonder if it will make its way into the edit?