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Was the 17th July the hottest day of the year so far?

Well it felt like it, London was busy and hot, very hot. Yesterday was the Westminster launch of the artworks. This launch was both Trevor Woolery (the other commissioned artist) and myself talking about residency / project processes to an audience of around 35-40 before showing the final artworks.

Situated in a room just of Westminster Hall I had thought previously that I was the first one in the family to visit the Palace of Westminster however it transpired that my grandmother had attended a Queens speech at some point, her cousin worked in either the House of Lords or House of Commons and managed to secure her an invite.

On the train home I took the opportunity of a 2 hour journey to start sorting some of my erratic file saving the latter phases of the artwork. Deleting works in progress, duplicate files and some of the many emails (I did wonder if I should be archiving them) and today filing things away, the talk at Westminster really did mark the close of the project for me.

Time spent looking out the window allowed me to consider my next couple of projects which are currently in development. When to start the blogs for these? Onwards and upwards.