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Our individual patterns eluding perception

Here we are affecting, coexisting and intertwined.

Here we fold back in

We suddenly realise our proximity to other flesh and readjust.

Prefacing this language of bright eyes and dark smiles

Environments are invisible space.

How to make the minimal maximum?

We begin to unburden ourselves from knowledge.

An act of unknowing

Disconnecting from this central, nervous system.

What grows in the in-between in a space where nothing grows?

And the kind of people do not shelter the dream, make it real, make it real.

Penetrate banality

From mother, to third, to ebony.

A body with soft borders.

Welcome to our disrupted landscape, in the world’s smallest capital city.

It is a measurement of entropy that shows detachment isn’t possible.

That was the history of everything. Now we see what happens.

Pollinate the new

Always in flux, fluid and evolving.

It is only us; you’re what happens here.

Acts of resistance against what is named.
The universe is quantifiable but incomprehensible.

Mediating telematic joy with telematic apathy.

We are speaking to you from a house that feels like a home.

Words are heavy things.

A silent chaos of malady.

Monochromatic landscape.

Blue and blue and blue.

We will have become absence and unable to honour such an occurance.

The cultural blood bank within which we stand.

Our understanding creases, collects and curves around our imaginations.

This is our work.

To embrace the gaps, the cracks, the ruptures.