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Construction Project Day #4

I’m starting to feel like I’m on a role now. I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I am just relieved that things are moving forward.

Day 4, in my opinion has been my most successful yet (you might disagree). I really excited about the possibilities with this work/idea. I think it has quite a few miles in it. I started my making quick attachments to hang to bulbs to the wall using an improvised method with cable ties, paper clips and drawing pins!!! I hung each bulb thinking about the height, position on the wall and in relation to other coloured lamps.

As with previous days work, I documented this piece in both black and white.

The colour mixing happening on the white wall behind the bulbs was of particular interest to me (as always). When documenting the piece, I paid particular attention to the hues and how the colours interacted with each other.

The multucoloured hues being thrown off the bulbs and onto the surrounding areas. i.e. the floor also is very important to the work and the experince of the work as a viewer. The brightness of the T9 circular florescent bulbs saturate whatever and whoever may step near the work, flooding and colourating everything in its path.

Later in the day I tried pushing the work as far as I can by adding other elements. I laid circular mirrors on the floor to emulate the shapes on the wall. These discs also acted as a surface for the lights to be reflected in, creating another dimension to the work.

I then tired masking the direct light by adding a mirror to the wall piece, positioned in font of the bulb. This helped spread the light and allowed for further reflections of the space to take place. However, I did not like how the mirrors reflected, therefore highlighted the viewers looking at the work, like voyeurs. Similarly, the same inevitable reflected occured when I placed the mirrors behind the bulbs.

Last but not least I added another formal element: paint.