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Construction Project Day #6

Do you remember the work I made for ‘On Brown & Violet Grounds’ at Piccadilly Place, Manchester last September called ‘Dispersion of White‘? On Day 6 I revisited this particular piece and attempted to expand on some of the ideas within it. ‘Dispersion of White’ opened up a dialogue between the work and the practice of painting.

I made a cylinder from a 50cm x 50cm sheet of thin frosted acrylic which I then encased several fluorescent lamps within. An area of this colourful assortment of fluorescent sticklights have therefore been hidden, allowing the hues to blend together in a painterly fashion and hiding the ugly end caps from view. The coloures bleed into each other without any clear delineation. The robust form of the sticklights stick out from the acrylic sheet, acknowledging the inner workings of the light construct.

As the viewer moves around the work, different combinations of colours can be seen, each view with its own intricate combinations.

Later in the day I moved the frosted cylinder up to the middle of the bulbs. I would like to try this again but with the whole length of the lamps covered. My only concern, and I don’t mind admitting this – is that aesthetically it works but it does remind me of a contemporary lighting/design feature. Back to the drawing board?

Finally, I ended the day by allowing four sheets of neon coloured acrylic panels to fall onto the floor near to the center of the vertical sculpture. The reflection of the lights differed (in colour) depending of when you stood in the studio.