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Construction Project Day #8

I started the day by continuing to work on a paper based piece that I had started a previous day (Day 6). As the tip-ex dried on top of the photo paper it gradually started to peel away and come off. I documented this process, before tipping off all the tip-ex shards and revealing the photo of my light sculpture I had originally covered over.

I then moved on to create some sculptural work; as with previous works, I have used materials available to bm from in and around my studio. Mirrors, coloured acrylic sheets and sticklights feature heavily. Reflections, saturation, material quality and form are important elements within this particular piece.

I thought about all the little details of the piece and all the materials together. It is important to me that they work as a unit. I started to consider elements of certain materials that I had used that were ordinary, such as the white electrical cables (standard – not adapted by an artistic mind). So I thought about covering the cables in gold leaf and/or other reflective materials to work in harmony with my other material choices. I opted for gold glitter as I had it available in my studio – after all this is the aim of the project – to use materials that are handy.