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Construction Project Day #20

Today I unplugged my lights… and it wasn’t a disaster!

After seeing the work of fellow North-West based artist Joe Fletcher Orr some time ago (based in Liverpool at the Royal Standard), I had been inspired to take a different approach to elements of my own practice, especially in the use of light. He has made works with light previously as well as without; referencing colour and the use of found objects in space.

Within my Construction project, like with Joe’s work, I am positioning objects (always found in my studio environment) and making new forms and arrangements from them.

Last year when I was about to embark on a six-month funded period of new work, I turned to the new work of my old fav David Batchelor and his works-on-paper, in order to inspire new methods of working. This in turn helped me produce a body of work that started out similar to his, but the final outcome was not. I am always looking for inspiration, this time it comes from Joe.

For this work I thought about the illusion of paint on the wall as if being light from behind a sheet of paper. This paper was propped to the wall with a length of found timber. The tension between the ‘paper’ and the timber was tangible, but playful at the same time.

Later on in the day I attempted to use other lengths against the wall including rolled paper (which offered an addition fragility to the work) and light bulbs (a reference to the illusion of coloured light saturation from behind the paper on the wall).

Without the use of light, the future of my work has some great possibilities in terms of considering what shapes and objects could/would convey when thinking about my interests in the purity of colour.