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Construction Project Day #23

Referencing the painterly even more than on any other day, I made a simple balancing construction from postal tubes and painted aluminum. The colours reflected in each metal sheet as they were positioned one on top of the other. Levitating on cardboard tubes. The singular mirror laid on the floor makes the work. It allows for a clear reflection of all the aluminum sheets above it.

This sculptural Mondrian-esque arrangement could be added to using different colours at alternative heights. The simplicity of the work is what is most successful about it, in my opinion.

When I first made the work it seemed precarious in the way it was balenced, however, after leaving it in my studio without any interruptions (except for a heavy industrial sewing machine vibrating intermittently above on the next floor) for 2 weeks, as I nipped to Devon for a holiday in that time, it was surprisingly still standing on my return. Testament to the strength of the second hand postal tubes.