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#loleithaart ‘hair done’  pastel on paper. 58×42

My reflections on preparing hair, washing, conditioning and blowing drying, straightening and a quick trim until we get the perfection we desire. I drew this as I was waiting for the potatoes to finish browning in the oven. #homelife, #preparation.

With the Degree show humming in my mind, I reflect on preparing. What do I want to achieve? I think about how much time I have to create work, what with the juggling of work, Uni, and home… Time to make more artwork! It is a much needed… therapeutic time, thank God for creativity! Life eh!

I was reading earlier in the Art Illusion pg 291 and came across this statement…

Perception of Visual Art,

“I believe it is only by considering these physiological aspects of image making and image reading that we may come closer to an understanding of the central problem of the history of art, that is why representation should have a history”, (Gombrich, 1990).

I think along the lines of, dictatorship, (being pushed into what is to be accepted), like with high fashion, someone is deciding what’s in and what’s out. Sitting in their office making decisions.  But what if we don’t follow? Just a thought, It is, after all, those artists’ who decided not to follow that actually stood out and whose name we frequently speak. For example, Pablo Picasso, Georges Seurat,  Yves Klien, Mark Rothko, Yinka Shonibare, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Lucian Freud, Damien Hirst, and Chris Ofili, to name but a few… The point I am making is they/we are all striving to make sense or just let our creativeness flow… Flowing from what we see and live with from day to day. We are all unique and express it through art, music, and some through writing. It’s all artistic expression.