VIBORG: links with Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire pottery found at Viborg, evidence of work and crossover of skills by English/Danish blacksmiths, cobblers and moneyers in the 10th century. But most inspirational artefact was fragments of woven tunic found in a posthole by the curator/archaeologist who guided us through the Viking period. It was facinating to talk to the actual person who had found it and see the reconstructed tunic. Food for thought!
Then onto the Kunsthal at Viborg to look at contemporary Danish art exploring archaeology, place and time passing.
SATURDAY: Explored Aros art centre and experienced Olafur Eliasson’s Rainbow floating roof walk and installlations and a Grayson Perry retrospective.
SUNDAY: one hour and a half train to Jelling to see the enormous shipsetting and rune stones from the 10th century. Here we also experienced ‘Bifrost’ , the rainbow bridge between the human world and the world of the gods in the spiral staircase installation. An interesting link to Eliasson’s roof walk.
Harald Bluetooth’s ( the name sake of modern bluetooth technology) son and grandson both became English kings- Sweyn Forkbeard and Canute the Great. Amazing runestones.
Then onto Vejle Kunstmuseet where we were shown an extraordinary collection of Rembrandt’s etchings- the reason for the museum’s existence.
Tomorrow we meet artists at Godsbanen.