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We began with self-directed warm up and improvisation and a short reflection on the accumulation of skills and ideas over the previous sessions.

A brief exercise was introduced, with us in groups of three assuming the roles of Questioner, Choreographer and Performer. The exercise was informed by A Question of Movement by Marcus Coates and Henry Montes. The Questioner proposed a personal question to the Performer, who responded instinctively with a short movement sequence. The Questioner then communicated to the Choreographer how the sequence pertained to the question, offering thoughts and feelings in response. The Choreographer communicates this to the Performer through suggestions and possible inquiries. The Performer re-performs.

We then moved on to the final exercise of the workshop series. In groups of three we each choreographed a 2-minute work for a duo using whichever tools, questions or methods we liked. These were then performed to the rest of the group.



A Question of Movement