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Keep it complex headed up to Birmingham to have some tea and Teressa May cake at Grand Union. Our local supermarket had refused to print Teressa May on a Cake, we’re not sure why, something about not being able to print people they recognize. So we sent a photo of Teresa eating to Dave at Eat My Face, and made some great Teresa May cupcakes to get conversation started.

We took up some inspiring books about organizing with others, think like the Seeing Red catalogue about the feminist poster workshops, as well as some local and national newspapers. People looked at these when they didn’t feel like chatting.

Some people came to chat with Keep it Complex, others joined us after coming to see the current exhibition at Grand Union.

We talked about lots of things including development in Birmingham. One person came all the way from the countryside outside of Birmingham, he wanted to start a political utopia with a flat hierarchy. Someone else wanted to talk about policies at art organizations.

Grand Union also made us some cucumber sandwiches, they were great hosts.