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There are 129 people living in Commondale (2011 Census) and many more sheep. There was a statistic floating around (which I’ve been unable to hunt down) that there are thirty sheep to every person in the Moors, which would make over 70,000 sheep.

Undoubtedly, sheep are a part of everyday life in Commondale, for both farmers and non-farming residents alike. Sheep roam up and down the ‘main’ roads (hardly the M25). So a small group of scampering lambs and their patient mums sauntering past the front gate is more or less an everyday sight at this time of year.

Residents have to keep their gates shut otherwise the sheep will come in and destroy the garden. They are partial to daffodils so there’ll never be a Commondale in Bloom (!) but I’d personally go for sheep over daffs outside my front gate any day. Certainly makes a change from the wheelie bin fires you’d find outside our old house in Sheffield.

Whilst they might might move for me and my small fox red terrier when we’re out on a walk, sheep are not at all bothered about cars. And you can guarantee if you’re running late somewhere, they’ll be a small flock blocking you’re exit at some point. But what a beautiful diversion, eh?