On Thursday we opened our new exhibition, 'Serious Playtime!'. Based on the idea of play – whether it be children's games, dramatics, or anything in between…

“…we are confident that 'Serious Playtime!' will provide experiences that people will not forget, that it will both inspire and instigate further creative activity with performances, exhibits and workshops that you can really get your teeth into and enjoy. Live evening performances will both complement and be a part of the exhibition.” Edwin Li

A dedicated 'Serious Playtime!' website has been set up, which is accesible from our main website.

The preview night included a shop front performance by Lady Kitt (in her id Turpin guise), Andrew Sandercock traverse climbing the gallery outside, and a hilarious action-packed multimedia performance by Paul and 'Big Ritchie' Dixon, showing off their 'Dead Wood Armoury' collection.

More spectacles to follow.

GG Mark