At last I went to visit the metal factory, Delos in St Amand near Valenciennes, which is on the way to Lille. The meeting didn’t go very well, wasn’t what was I expecting to be. I thought today I would have an answer if they can make the structure, a price and a better idea of what and how to pursue with my work. But instead there were many an answered questions and the usual we will let you know next week???
At the beginning of the meeting they showed me my model, which was fully smashed and everyone found it amusing and apparently someone had sat on it and everybody laughed.

The price they suggested was very high and completely out of my budget, so after a long discussion and negotiation they said will think about it and get back to me next week and they assured me that they will do everything they can to help me.

Today I really had enough with this tomorrow and next week attitude, which has been happening quite a lot.

Today, also with the help of Pascal, had a fun trying to find a place to hire a pro-video camera. On the 13th of November I have a visit to the Valenciennes sewage, which also took few weeks to organise. I would like use this opportunity to make a work about my experience bellow Valenciennes, and hopefully I will have enought time to edit and finish the work and show it at the exhibition in January.

The rest of the day I was in my studio working which was much more relaxing and fun. I had a such a mad day and just had to shat the door and put my head to work.


I went to visit a Museum in Belgium, not far from Valenciennes about 30 min by car. It was called Musee des Arts Contemporains in Site du Grand-Hornu. I was taken by the architecture of the place, an amazing space, if ever in the area you have to check it out: www.mac-s.be
At the moment they are hosting an exhibition from the collection of the Museum in Lille, which is apparently closed at the present for renovation. The exhibition was very good as well but the space was incredible. It is a historical site, erected in 1810, and used for many purposes such as mining industry, a residence for the factory workers and administrators and train – carriages repairs….


I am having a much more productive day today. I’ve cleaned the last tripe skin and they are all in the alum mix now soaking and preserving, (fingers cross) I had a meeting ad last with a manufacturer about a metal structure for my work so, he’s taken my model and will get back to me beginning of next week with a price and will see.

Apart from that here is very cold, damp and quiet today and not much happening.


Don’t know where time is going but days seem to be flying by. I’ve been here now for over a month and still struggling with my French, I guess you can’t learn that fast…. I have started to make some improvement with getting materials though and started to make some good contacts in the Slaughter House.
I got my chemicals ad last today, at the end I had to make a second order to be delivered from the UK – France. They where collected from customs office with not much of a problem. Which is very interesting, as here in France I couldn’t even buy some, actually they said I can only buy maximum of 15gr and I need kilograms not a grams. Apparently aluminum Sulphate Powder is what I am using to preserve the organs is used in bomb making, so they are very careful and don’t sell it in large quantities. But I hope is not going to be to late for my organs as some of the tripe has started to turn, smells of a rotten meat, but I am still giving a try and hoping that the chemicals will reverse the process.

The studio open went well, was not as busy as I thought might be. I felt little bit as a circus girl everyone came to see the tripe and the caul fat, looks like the word has been spreading around and they came to meet the wired English artist.
This made me also over of how actually small the town is.

I went to visit the Dentelle de Valenciennes, the lace school and had a very pleasant experience. The main teacher was very friendly and chatty and told me all about the history of Dentelle and offered many designs to look at and some photocopies to take away so I can develop my drawings. The ladies even gave me some of they little tools as a souvenir to keep. Making of lace is such a delicate and intricate work.


I have an open studio so if anyone is in the area please pop in.

A l’occasion de la 10ème édition des Journées Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes

L’association Acte de Naissance vous convie à la Galerie-Ateliers L’H du Siège.

Les Vendredi 19 octobre de 14h30 à 18h30
et les Samedi 20 et Dimanche 21 octobre 2007 de 10h à 12h et de 14h30 à 18h30.

_ Les artistes
& Pascal PESEZ
vous invitent à venir découvrir leurs ateliers.

_ Invité par l’association Acte de Naissance
l’artiste Elpida HADZI-VASILEVA
actuellement en résidence à L’H du Siège,
( www.elpihv.co.uk)