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The last time I blogged I was at the end of my documenting exhibition and here I am now just over three weeks until the first of the two main exhibitions. Where has the time gone?

Perhaps I was enjoying the sun lounging on the beach or spending time with family and friends? Chance would be a fine thing. I’ve been inundated with all the admin that needs to be done on a project like this. Sorting out publicity, technical details to do with the exhibition, writing and getting the documentary book ready to print (a big thank you to my project manager Julie for doing the artwork and technical stuff), and all those other little things that soon add up to days lost from the schedule.

I would like to say the work is coming on fine. Well, it is, but only in my head! As the exhibition draws nearer and all those admin jobs get ticked off I do see a time very soon that I can start making.

On a positive side, I’ve found a late runner for the President of the United States of America lurking in my studio! ;-)