And now whitecurrants. Redcurrants, blackcurrants and whitecurrants. These are see-through, you can see the seed, like a skeleton. The bones. The white bones of a thing. The seed, the essence, all that is needed to become. Plus soil, sun and rain.

What do we need to become? What is a healthy environment for us? What is our soil, sun and rain?

I’m starting a seed library for the allotments. A bank of seeds grown here. If you save your seed and then sow it the next year, it will gradually adapt to the environment. And you can share it with others nearby. And it’s free, free of the capitalist hold on seeds, the start of life. Free like the soil the sun the rain, the air. Guard your seeds with your life.


I recommend a doze to reflect. I was mulling over this Harvest blog, my new bronze trowel, drawing my allotment tools and I began to think of Jim Dine and his drawings and lithographs of tools, Walker Evans and his photographs of tools, Louise Bourgeois and her soft stuffed sculptures.

Years ago I made a papier mache fork, spade and axe, I made stuffed birds. I’d like to make a stuffed hammer.