I drew my glove. Well used. Even more so recently. Keeps me safe from virus on the water tap or the entrance gate. Canary yellow leather. blackened, greened through work. My hands, gloveless, have black fingernails, fingers green from pulling weeds and placing clumps of mown grass round the potato plants. Red raw from washing with soap. Above the sky is clear blue.


my attention, my thoughts, drawn to a plant, drawing my attention, how do I draw my attention? attend to a plant, draw it this way, that way, another way,

attempt, try, try out, first attempt, second attempt, experiment, drawn out, draw out, educare, educate, education

to move somewhere in a slow steady way, to draw in, to draw out, to arrive at a point in time or in a process,

to pull or guide in a specific direction,

bases for some drawings


lovage leaf, branch, sprig, like a tree unto itself

smell of celery and spice
huge bush
use a little not a lot

Hildegard of Bingen in the 12th Century said: eaten raw, it breaks down a person’s nature and makes it worse
also for a chest cough soak it in wine with sage and fennel, strain, and serve it warm
also for a horse’s cough


A few days ago rain set in, welcome rain, but too wet to go to the allotment. I began drawing my tools. Made me remember Jim Dine and his drawings of scissors and hammers. Hammers next. Years ago I made papier mache models of my spade and fork and axe. I have them still.


An echium leaf from my first three thriving, surviving echiums on the allotment.

‘He who has kissed a leaf
need look no further’

William Carlos Williams