Woke to a lovely frost covering the ground and glinting in the sunlight streaming across it – so a walk to the beach first thing seemed appropriate.  I was nice and toasty with my hot water bottle in my bag against my back. (hot water bottle is my new best friend)  The artwork processing at a good pace – lots of bits are becoming clearer and details are being figured out. A full long day and night in the Studio – I never seem to find enough hours in the day.

Thoughts today focused around: marble slabs or porcelain tiles; vinyl quotes for drawing; writing/not writing; titles have been clarified; drawing and redrawing the rug; over and over and over-laid; testing gros point and petit point together; a futile search for ribbons; Sabi Pas – Provencal for ‘I don’t know’ as a position, a movement; stay away from email (hard); poached pear; tea cake.