Coming to the penultimate day brings a sense of pressure, sadness and completion. More is becoming clearer and figured out and some things/ideas have been let go.  We also had a great visit to the Celtic stone museum St Vigeon’s. I was only going to drop and run -but ended up staying for the full tour.

Thoughts, focus, and conversations today have been on: shifting scales of rug drawings; testing ribbons and ash; unity and playful photos as a group; secret passages; shifting scale of passing time; star-filled skies from balconies; letting go; ‘A bit of mystery is good for the soul’; Celtic knots for meditation; interweaving of work and practices together; finishing and ongoing; decision making; and starting to test something new.

Ribbon arrived today so have started testing visuals from a passage from Fryn  – while I’m not there yet with this work but it is a necessary starting pointing.

As written by Joanna Colendbrander in her 1984 biography of Fryn.

1958: After Fryn’s death

“[May] brought with her a sack, a key, scissors, and a variety of tools like a burglar’s outfit, and tugged out a small steam trunk. It had stood padlocked behind the role files for years and was labelled: Letters to be burnt unseen on my death. For the next four hours, bundles were withdrawn, ribbon-bows were removed, and one by one the letters were demolished. There was no mistaking their nature, even with senses numbed with repetition. Doggedly the work went on till the trunk was empty. Only the worthless ribbons were salvaged and folded away in the house-keepers drawer.”