Final full day here at Hospitalfield, sadly finishing up, reflecting, and final tests. A live reading in the drawing-room revealed some interesting new insight into the piece. Also spent time reflecting on the work created, developed, tested and focused on – looking at what has been learned/figured out during the two weeks helps to give insight into what has been achieved, clarity on the work and what still needs to be done.

Thoughts and conversations highlights from today: Megaphone as a audio link to the past; going slower and giving time; moving in and out of past/present; connection to the lady of the house’s portrait; eyes and words and dragged coloured bottles; endings and new beginnings; hats and veils on stone sculptures; invisibly moved;  ghost gong ringer; cheese and mince pies; titles and phrases; positionality as found and discovered.

I also spend a good part of the morning on continuing the tests with ribbon and ash piles – as taken from Fyrn’s biography seen in yesterday’s blog post.

Playful – fun.