Our final day started with watching the sunrise from the top of the tower out my bedroom – where a weather-beaten sundial tells the time.  The low cloud cover sadly meant no sun to watch rising – so a later trip up the tower caught the dial actually telling the time.

In the morning we packed up and meet one last time as a group in the refectory for a final goodbye. María gave a farewell speech in Icelandic and while I may not have known the words I understood the meaning – the importance of our time here for productivity, place and people. Especially of people coming together and sharing in a special time, in a special place.

We have all moved our practices on farther than the usual two weeks would allow; we have bonded as a group and made new friends and networks; we have experienced the benefits Hospitalfield has to offer as a place for artists to come live and make within its walls for over a hundred years; and we have been well fed.

I know I personally leave full: of ideas, progression, thoughts, new works, memories, conversations, new friends, and a very full belly.

Many thanks to Hospitalfield and the other participants on the residency for the support and productive time.

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