When we first went into lockdown, it prompted me to paint the outside wall that I’d been meaning to paint since I moved here in 2013. I took a photo of the wall this weekend and I was struck by how my cat, Mia, was completely oblivious to it (see below).

It occurred to me that animals probably don’t care about art. However, a quick look on the Internet revealed that animals do actually have some art appreciation. All the same, at least where my cat is concerned, she cares far more about food than art.

So taking a leaf out of Marina Zurkow’s book again, I imagined what my cat would have to say about the impact art is having on the climate. For instance, how the consumerism of buying art materials contributes to pollution, which has an impact on her food supplies. Or, on a more personal note, how I can sometimes get so involved in my art that I forget to feed her at her regular meal time.

From this, I concluded that my cat would have a low opinion of art and that, in fact, art would make her ‘hangry’. So no wonder she isn’t impressed with my wall!