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It is entirely impossible for me to ignore the coronavirus crisis this week…

As I type, I’m self-isolating, as advised by the UK government, due to having flu symptoms. I don’t know what it was but it passed on Sunday and I don’t believe it was coronavirus.

Isolation doesn’t isolate me from the crisis though. I’ve been forced to observe, helpless, as people panic buy and our shops go into overdrive to meet our demand. All of a sudden, it seems we have woken up to how precious our resources are and the network that provides them is. Whilst I desire sanity to be restored, it is my hope that we don’t close our eyes again when this crisis is over.

Our world is a global network and, as coronavirus has shown, what we do in one part of the world affects the ecology all the way around it.

So I believe we need to improve our way of living. Instead of thinking and acting selfishly, we should think and act globally. We need each other now more than ever. So let’s hook into our global network (at a safe distance) instead of isolating ourselves from it.