Godiva took place over the first weekend of September with no restrictions in place. The lollipops were being shown on the family field. Jon asked for them to be manned over the weekend, I had a lot of opportunity to see how people acted around them.

Since Art in the Park I have made some edits to the lollipops. They now have aluminium sticks rather than plastic. The pops have a little notch inside to stop them being span around (this pulled a few wires out at Art in the Park). I added some glue to the sensors to make them a bit tougher against little fingers. I was ready for the people!

Godiva is a music festival rather than an arts festival. I was expecting people to be a bit more energetic with the work especially as we were next to the BBC introducing tent (this was great, I got to sit in the sun and enjoy music all day). To my surprise they were more respectful then the Art in the Park audience, they’d walk past read the information lollipop and then come and listen, working their way from one lollipop to the next. It really was a lovely festival with a great audience. I really didn’t need to be there!

I popped over to the main stage a couple of times to see friends performing and bands that I fancied. It really didn’t feel any different to any festival I’ve been to. Covid made no difference to the experience.

As exhibitors we did had to do Covid Lateral Flow tests before each day and register them on the Gov website and then showed this at the registration tent. We’d get a new wrist band for each day. It was easy to do and worked well.