When the project idea began it seemed relatively straight forward; find out what arts organisations are up to in terms of Covid-19, how they’re protecting their audience and what they want artists to do to help. At this point Coventry was in the medium tier and very high seemed worlds away! After lockdown part 2 Coventry is in very high, my project partners have the same problem too with MK Gallery and ArtScape Management being the exception in high. Of course this can all change, next week we could all be in high or very high could stay, who knows! It certainly adds a new challenge to the project.

The other element I need to consider is the vaccination. If everyone is going to be vaccination by Easter does his make the project invaluable? How ever much I want to believe Borris I don’t think that everyone in England will be vaccinated by Easter. I think it will take longer but by the end of 2021 I am sure we will have been. With this in mind will people be confident about touching art work and will arts organisations want them too? I think the answer is initially no, as a nation we will have spent a year maybe even a year and a half practising face, space and hands. It will take a long time for people to have the confidence again to interact the way we used to.

As nobody knows when we will be confident again to interact with the world the way we used to I think the project is still valid and I should crack on! I feel my research needs to be fluid, I need to discuss these points with the arts organisations and how it effects them and what they plan to do throughout 2021 and into 2022 and beyond.