Yes Emily Speed you started a positive trend in 2010 ….

The annual Summing Up

In 2011

1. No SUGAR! I gave up sugar for a whole year [minus alcohol]. Feel marvellous. Sugar addiction fixed! I ate no biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets or Xmas pud etc. Absolute bloody miracle!*

Only made possible by new passion for work with:

2. Rosalind Davis – Brilliant, intelligent, funny, passionate, generous & the Marketing Queen. I have learned so much ….

3. Show&Tell 2011 @ Core Gallery. Great gathering & generous sharing of artists knowledge by Freddie Robins, Edwina Ashcroft, Andrew Bryant, Lucy Day & Eliza Gluckman, Graham Crowley, Delaine Le Bas, Lucy Austin & Jenny Wiener to name but a few.

4. ZAP The sad demise of Core Gallery, founded by Rosalind Davis but the fortuitous birth of ZeitgiestArtsProjects to take the vision, for supporting artists with shared knowledge & generosity, forward and expand it together.

5. AIR Being elected to the AIR Council

6. Berlin Going to Berlin – ‘just like that!’ and creating a wall drawing for Anschlussel London/Berlin at fruehsorge contemporary drawing curated by Andrew Hewish from the Centre for Recent Drawing, London.

7. I discovered Twitter! I love it. Easy, quick, efficient for putting news, ideas & images out there, meeting new friends and having a good giggle. Brilliant invention. Downside: I neglected my blog but who has time to write 500 words when 140 characters can do it too.

8. I created my first ‘flower’ drawings: Rememberance of plants past. A breakthrough in my drawing. Realised I wanted to work from books – old books with black and white pictures to draw from & literature like Proust – with brilliant ideas in words that can be turned into visual feasts. A turning point. Helped by tutorials with artist, Graham Crowley.

Best Moments etc

Best moment Changing trains at Canary Wharf and Rosalind Davis saying: ‘Let’s do it …. let’s start a new organisation together!’ Pre-birth of ZAP [Approx. 3pm, Wed 9 Oct 2011]. And later that day: Best mini-moment Sitting on London-bound train from Colchester after Market Projects: ‘Too Many Artists’ event [especially brilliant Alex Pearl performance] at Firstsite with Professor John Hutnyk, Julie Freeman & Rich White etc drinking ice-cold G&Ts courtesy of Ros, and discussing the rise and demise of the YBAs.

Best achievement Being elected onto the AIR Council. Finding out people had bothered to vote – in droves!

Best Feeling Being picked to create a wall drawing by Andrew Hewish (C4RD) for Anschlussel London/Berlin at fruehsorge contemporary drawing – a one-off drawing survey show.

Best Idea ZeitgeistArtsProjects – ZAP. Finally coming up with a name for our new organisation inspired by recent events: the inspirational Sluice Art Fair and the Alisn conference at Goldsmiths for Emerging arts independents.

Best ‘feeling moved’ moments Curating Home Exhibition with Ros and realising all our effort and work had been so worth it. Thanks to the artists: Rose Wylie, Lucy Austin, Freddie Robins, Graham Crowley, Carolyn Lefley, Kate Murdoch, Delaine Le Bas, Peter Davis, Rich White & Rosalind Davis.

Celebrating drawing in Berlin in France with English & French family & friends

2012 – Things to celebrate

1. Excited to be starting new body of work as I draw my way through the history of English painting in a series entitled: Re-draw. The series will literally involve redrawing classic paintings from history, in images drawn from old b/w books about English painting. I.e The Connoisseur New Guide to English Painting & Sculpture, pub. 1962 etc.

2. The Launch and future development of ZietgeistArtsProjects with Rosalind Davis at our new premises in South London with a fantastic 2012 Show&Tell programme of speakers & events we have lined up inc. Sarah Williams (Jerwood), Ben Street & Karl England (Sluice Art Fair) & Andrew Hewish (C4RD) artists: Susan Collis, Phoebe Unwin, Virgina Verran & Alex Pearl etc.

3. ZAP support: Lewisham Arts Services confirming a grant for two artists seminars to be held at Goldsmiths in March & the brilliant continued support of the Fenton Arts Trust

4. Taking my new role in the AIR Council forward

5. Starting The Drawing Group with fellow draw-er Jack Hutchinson

5. No more sugar ever!

6. Celebrating 20 brilliant years of being married to TheGoodHusband.

Conclusion: How to live & how to emerge –

Create & maintain relationships & sustain them through generosity & time!

* mentioned on Radio 4 last week as major new trend for 2012 – ‘Giving up sugar’







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