Painting ‘Can I touch your hair?’ (unfinished), mixed media’ on canvas, 2016  #wip #steatopygia #physiognomy #calligygia #degreeshow #loleithaart

I have always been asked this question  ‘can I touch your hair?’ for as long as I can remember, and I am sure many can relate. Here my painting represents the Black woman bare, but still modest as its only her back  and the naturalness of the Afro hair. The Afro hair type is very versatile, many styles can be created with the hair type. #versatility

In today’s world, there is a focus on the booty, gluteal, buttocks – (whatever, you may wish to call this area of our body), with many women having surgery to enlarge theirs and some with not so happy stories. What madness! Celebrities and Personalities such as, Beyoncé, Niki Minaj, Little Kim,  Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian/West have all been in the media in relation to the booty.  #cultural appropriation. #art history #culturallens #identity #steatopygia

The anatomy term used for the muscle of the buttocks is called ‘gluteus maximus.’
The gluteus maximus is collectively known with the gluteus medius and minimus, which make up the three gluteal muscles; and at times, referred to as the ‘glutes.’ This muscle is the main extensor muscle of the hips, and the largest superficial muscle being near the surface. The buttocks make up the shape and appearance of each side of our hips. It supports the structure/uprightness of the trunk of our bodies. Therefore, I find it great to sketch, sculpt and cast ha! I always create from what I see. #the gaze #calligyian #steatopygia

During my training to be a Beauty Therapist, way back in 1991, and on my Sports Massage training, 2004, I learnt the origins and insertions of the muscles as part of the anatomy class, along with the bones and joints, etc., etc. My lecturer at the time always requested for the others on the course to practice their massage techniques on me as I had the firmest Derrière. Describing me as a ‘ Callipygian.’ #fit, #firm, I’m just saying…#keepingitreal
I keep saying it  because it is true, ‘ that nothing you have been through is ever wasted!’

Sarah Baartman,

She was born n South Africa’s Eastern Cape in 1789. (1789 -1815)

This lady was put on display/exhibited for her body shape and described as having steatopygia, a Greek term.  It has now been 200 years since her death.

#what a world eh…