I am a painter living in Suffolk. I primarily  work in oils, pastels and ink.

My subject matter is almost always the female figure. The colour choices for my work is dictated by my own feelings, using colour to reveal the emotional context of the painting. My work invites the viewer to explore the psychological, physical and emotional relationships of the women I depict.


‘Sea of Stars” is a joint exhibition that I am involved in working with artist Val Bright-Jones. My plan was and still is to create some ink paintings and drawings exploring the human connection with the universe, focusing on the moon and stars.

However, I started to cut up images out of magazines and charity books I’ve bought over the last few years. Then as I was reading the weekend paper, I began to notice the headlines of articles. I cut out these attention grabbing short texts and placed them next to the pictures, the juxtaposition between imagery and words really works well. I have also added an inky drawing to this first collage.

I have decided that on the day I make my artwork, I am going to buy a newspaper and add that days headlines to my collages. There may be an connection between the images and text or I might use what works best visually,  but also they are a capture of the days events as seen through the words of daily news.

Scissors, glue and ink


New year, New blog

Here we are in the new year and oh, it has started with a bump! Sadly, Waterfront Studios has been shut down. I have used this studio since 2016 and I have throughly enjoyed working alongside a mix of creative people. I am now in the process of packing up, trying to fit everything (including a large old plan chest) into a much smaller working space at home.

However, I have found the process of going through old work quite therapeutic. I have been looking at artwork with fresh eyes and then making the decision to keep or destroy.
It has to be done I am afraid, but I have found it freeing to discard old pieces so that I can move forward to develop further the art I am creating now.

In the words of Scarlett O’Hara ‘After all, tomorrow is another day’!

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