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That Boris Johnson has been a right pain in the you know where, and not just politically, he’s really added some big delays to my project. I had lined up some fabulous interviews with women in local politics all of whom have now had to delay meeting due to the election. That does seem quite reasonable, I would much rather they hold their seats / positions at this critical time, but it does make my podcast has slowed down considerably. Lets hope its well worth it and we see the back of Johnson and his selfish, elitist, racist, sexist politics – we really do need Socialism right now (and always).

On a more positive note I managed to interview my mother, which will be the first interview in the podcast series. She was quite nervous about the interview and unsure about people listening to what she was saying, so we both started the interview tentatively. I am going to do a soft edit of the interview but I am quite interested in keeping a transparency of the conversation so it will follow the pace we set. After a tentative start she really began to open up and I am both proud of her and honoured that she allowed me to interview her about such a personal subject. We talked about her own mental health journey from being diagnosed with Manic Depression (Bipolar) in the early 90’s when mental health was a very different subject to talk about, with friends being cautions and unsure as to how to treat her, (despite her understanding inwardly that she had always had mental health concerns.) We talked about the difference between then and now with her current diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, and the dwindling support available to her. We talked for 20 minutes before my son woke up and needed feeding, I’m sure we could have gone on longer but its a humble recording of a woman I love and respect, and it took being a parent for me to really understand quite how amazing she is.

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