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Finally! Completely outside of my original time frame the podcast has finally gone live. Its quite nerve wracking to hit the publish button and hear your voice talk out across the internet. Hearing your voice played back to you is an uncomfortable moment at the best of times, and now I have committed to other people hearing it too!

My time frames completely slipped, I had finally got all the dates set up for interviewing people when Coronavirus hit! (Having some delayed sessions due to illness etc anyway). So I have decided to start publishing what I have and then to add to the podcast each month with an online recording. I’m sure the sound quality will be somewhat lessened but in the days of lock down we have to do what we can.

It has been such a pleasure to invest time in conversations, listening and talking to people about quite personal and sensitive subjects. The most important episode for me is the first with my mother, she is ever so generous talking about her mental health journey. The second episode is with Councillor Sharon Thompson on homelessness in Birmingham. Sharon was such a pleasure to talk to she really gave me enthusiasm about the podcast when I was feeling like it was a mountain to climb. I will talk more about each episode in other posts, for now I am just calming the nerves after publishing.

You can find the podcast in your usual places such as iTunes and on my website at www.amelia-hawk.com/podcast