I’ve been extra busy working with four talented Green Door artists this Summer.

Each individual has benefited from face-2-face coaching with me as their coach and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. From dealing with challenges such as procrastination and prioritisation to how to make money from their art, each session has been challenging yet enjoyable. Working alongside my coachees to help them achieve their goals and desires is a fulfilling process for all parties, and its especially satisfying when the artist recognises their own personal hurdles and then ‘jumps over them’!

Coming back to the next session with positive actions and statements about themselves, their practise and objectives. Even if they already had quite firm goals that they wanted to achieve, the process of enlightenment – through personal and professional development is huge. And even if they don’t have any massive upscale in their practise, the recognition of the reasons behind why this is happening can often help to reduce feelings of overwhelm and guilt.

I’m looking forward to working with Green Door in the future and am happy to give all a-n members 20% off my coaching prices which can be found on my website at www.coachworx.co.uk. I’m also running a subsidised day of coaching and mentoring at The Gallery at Bank Quay House on Thursday 16th August (book here).

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Thanks to: Visual Arts Coaching Course supported by a-n The Artists Information Company.