they will keep trying to pin the tail on you if you keep chasing the carrot. are you in motion or are you just experiencing that false sense of movement that you get when you step off of a treadmill? this slow, pallid excuse for rolling needs to stop. why not just type “tumbleweed gif” into a search engine and use the results as a kind of mirror. this digitised nature is something of a mutation, a bird of parasite, if you will. i know it can be unsettling, especially when you can not afford to pay attention, but split open that porky bank and let the golden entrails slip out.

if you say you are up from sloth then people will listen to you – it is the reality of your own nature that determines your speed and you already know that the sides of the mountain sustain life, not the top. then again, when you find yourself looking with twenty-twenty hindsight and being subsequently blinded by familiarity, avoid being too moral. how much life have you cheated yourself out of? are you going to waste all of your slow-roasted, vine-ripened tomatoes trying to figure it out? bite the mullet and extrapolate forward from where you are just now, but do not break the chain if you get lost.

you have cleared hurdles whilst holding your breath and these new full length windows allow for a great view. i will not forcefully amalgamate these ideas, but i think it is safe to say you have essentially become a conduit for the mind at large. your heart is warmed knowing that your parents are proud of you because you are unequivocally good at throwing, and why would they not be? the door may not always be held open for you, but your chair will stay clear of thumbtacks. you might miss their metallic reflection at first but have no grief at all, that will exist only for a short while.