I have decided it is time for a new blog. The summer in a certain way has felt endless and I haven’t seemed to be able to find the enthusiasm to keep this blog updated. I have seen it all trail off, my head just refusing to really focus on my activities of late with their strange obscurity. I’m wondering if there has been some particularly high electrical charge in the air or our local water has been polluted by some mood altering drug. Many encounters with family, friends and peers lately has felt obscure, challenging and just slightly off centre.

Maybe it’s just the strange positions I have found myself in recently…somewhere in the middle, caught between two places, adrift in the firing lines. Open studios personally was a miserable affair and a complete belly flop. The collaboration space transformed in to an ugly monster for many to flex their muscles in and try their hardest to provoke and offend. In some ways it was interesting I guess. It challenged each one of us, some rejecting the project before it had begun, others dominating the space completely, others getting possessive about the work and the space. Everyones values were being challenged. The ability to accept what others had done seemed in many instances completely impossible. It turned more into something like a social experiment and from what I can see we basically are useless at communicating and understanding each other adequately. It felt like the only thing everyone was good at was being really selfish. Is that what artists essentially are or essentially need to be? Maybe it’s just representative of what we all need to be to some extent.

Anyway, thankfully it’s over and I can get back to concentrating on ME! (opps!)

With eyes on the horizon, I enrolled at Wimbledon last Thursday and start this Thursday and Friday. Next Tuesday it’s off to Bath to set up for Domesticated. I will make a start on my new blog when I have something new and exciting to write about. (or more likely when I can work out what to call it)