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A brief update on my investigations into Drumcroon so far; through the call out, I’ve managed to arrange five interviews (three of which I’ve completed) and track down the location of the Wigan Schools Loan collection. I’ve also been loaned resources and sent the names of artists and staff that were involved with Drumcroon and the Artists in Wigan Schools scheme.

The interviews so far have been fascinating and hearing about the work of Drumcroon and those involved with the centre and the scheme in Wigan has evoked a range of emotions. I’ve found links between the research and my own practice that I didn’t anticipate and had conversations that I feel will inform ideas and decisions beyond this extended essay project.

Once the essay is complete I’d like to find some way of recording my findings and the key points about Drumcroon that I feel will feed back into my own work. I’m not in a position to share everything that I have found but I’d like to document my understanding of the centre and its work and find a way to provoke further discussion about it.

I want to thank Wigan Archives for sharing the call out on their network and everyone and anyone who has shared the initial posts made on A-N and through social media.