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Early one February morning at Abergavenny Morning! Networking meeting, attendees have 45 seconds each to introduce themselves and their businesses to the 40+ people in the room.

When my turn came around I introduced myself and photographer Jane who I’d invited along and removed my scarf revealing a large cardboard badge with “The only language that matters?” painted on it.   Approaching the nearest table, I began handing out large round seeds from a black drawstring bag.

Jane began photographing the exchange as I made my way slowly around the room and with only a few seconds left I asked the room if they knew what type of seed it was and then revealed its name.

I was later asked Do you think honesty is the only language that matters?  To which I replied Yes.

Taking art into a business networking context.  I’m considering alternative ways of showing art, my art in particular as this is a context I’m experimenting with.  With my work being about people, communication and words the networking context is an intriguing situation in which to place it.