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So you’ve probably realised I like to come up with corny and slightly childish titles for my posts.

I had an email from an alcohol producer the other day to say they couldn’t contemplate my grant application due to using an image that featured a person under the age of 18.

The offending image was this from a 2013 project I did called With Me, Without Me.

As the project forms the bulk of the artwork for my MA and is largely in the research phase I  did not, and do not have any acceptable images as of yet and so as the work focuses around what is visible versus what is invisible (with particular regard to illness and disability); I  thought it would be an image to use this photo to illustrate the idea as there are links between the two.


Well as I said they would not accept it owing to a child being present (afterall children cannot drink alcohol).  So this left me in the position of visibly describing the project without having any work to show as of yet.

This is why I decided to create a mood board for those parts of the project I am already planning.  Although I understand physical mood boards are best, this has been done digitally owing to space, time and physical constraints relating to my disability.


What is of paramount importance to this project is that people are made to question their belief about who they are and how they see themselves in relation to others.  Especially how “able” , “well”  and “normal”people view themselves in relation to those they perceive as “other” (with specific reference to those with illness and/or disability).

Although this is quite a dark and confrontative project, I also feel there is a lightness to it.  A sort of truth and reconciliation process with the self and with the other.


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