I have not written here for some time; which is not really good enough I know.

An awful lot has been happening and so I aim to write a series of posts updating you all; but I wanted to start with news that I secured a professional practice fund grant from Portsmouth University’s CCI faculty.

To get the award I had to present the project to a panel (this was very awkward as due to sickness they had my presentation in front of them but I was at home, speaking to a panel of people, over the telephone) and then answer their questions.

The process for me was a bit skewed as due to there only being 2 of us on the MA we were forced to apply together although the projects were very different (mine a community event over an entire borough) and hers’ to fund an installation.  I should point out here that the fact we needed to make a joint application was not made clear to us until after we had submitted our own individual forms having gone through the rest of the process…….

Anyhow when it came to the presentation my dear friend had not supplied me with any material so I had to wing her part of it (I had to present for both).  I was asked about why I thought her materials should be covered when no-one else’s, including my own would be covered and I did my best to argue her case but the fact is they had decided the fund would not cover this type of cost.

Well my presentation went on too long and I was cut off mid speech which is very nerve wracking when you cannot see people’s faces to gauge their reactions.  However I held my own through the questioning process and they seemed pleased but I was still very nervous as that money was essential to the festival.

They told me I would hear their decision later that day: I didn’t.

I went out to dinner as I was too nervous to stay in my home pondering it.

The next morning I was due to have a meeting with the commercial manager of a shopping centre about an art space… he was late.

As I was waiting for him to turn up my phone buzzed.  It was an email from the University.  I had been successful and had secured nearly all the money I wanted and more than I was allowed to apply for when you include my friend’s “materials”.  The only condition was that my friend could not use any of it on materials; although they would love to see her work as part of the shows.

To say I was happy was an understatement; I felt bad for my friend but also elated as I had worked so hard for this.

You can view the presentation at