So I have been rubbish with blogging this December.  Yes I have been unbearably busy but I think if I was a “blogger” then I would have found the time time in my schedule, home educating and parenting time to write more regularly.

This leads me to  a question: how does one become a blogger?

Are some of us more naturally inclined to blog about our lives?

Does it mean that I am really unsociable because I do not find it easy to do so?

Why is it important?

Anyhow I am digressing.

Aside from my failure to blog I have had a very manic December.  The arts festival I am organising and running is into full swing; I have had numerous meetings with art centres,theatres, council officers, venues, a college, shopping centres, charities etc and it is all (touch wood) going splendidly.  I have the awfully scary task of funding all of this also and as any artist/arts organiser will attest to (having done it themselves) I have of course been putting off the terrifying process that is, multiple funding forms….. oh how I hate them and find them exhausting and daunting; they fill me with a sense of dread and induce in me a severe case of anxiety induced illness.


I also have  various exhibition things coming up in the next two months.  I  volunteered to produce some work for dementia friendly Hampshire to tour around the county to draw attention to dementia awareness.  I shall be updating my work on it here as I move along (I am far behind at the moment).

There is also my inclusion in the Atkinson Gallery MA show which takes place in the next couple of months, a piece from my With me, Without Me series: snapshot, will be on display there.

Four of my pieces will be included in Here and There at Aspex Gallery from late January too.  These pieces are part of my Transience series.  I shall be updating information on this nearer the time.

With regard to my MA specifically I have been working on soundscapes with a difference: you cannot hear them.  Their pitch is so low that they are inaudible to the human ear; I will be overlaying these with sounds you can hear and they will be blasted out from different angles at varying volumes as part of my first installation.

I am also currently working on producing my ghosts who will be projected  onto a black surface within the room.  However I am starting to realise how difficult it is to create realistic ghosts without huge pockets.


Maybe in 2015 my pockets will be deeper…..


Happy New Year