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So I spent the majority of my weekend emailing the huge backlog of people I have to contact and it has been a good thing to get done.


There is a national campaign working in the arena of disabled sexuality: and I have spoken with them about an exhibition I am planning as part of my MA project.  They responded to my last email today notifying me that they have a partner who wants to supply high quality underwear to their campaign but as they don’t have a photoshoot planned at present they are going to give the opportunity to me instead which is fantastic.


There are also some people involved in the campaign posing for me and I am attending their next meeting in London in January to discuss where we’re going.

Similarly Mik Scarlet, disabled activitst,actor and TV/Radio presenter is going to come to the meeting and is also excited about being involved, told me he’s going on a diet to as fit as possible for the shoot.

I am really nervous but excited about this project,  it is a work on a scale I have not attempted before and I feel it is a new chapter in my work.  I am using it as a way to explore new methods for conveying my ideas, many which I possess the skills for but have not utilised in the context of showing it.