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After a weekend of pondering I think I have finally resolved another key issue relating to the final exhibition. It’s amazing what a brew in the garden can do…!

I am keen for the exhibition to not act as a full stop on the residency. I feel like I am just getting started and to try and cobble together drawings over the next couple of weeks just for the sake of having something to show seems like a missed opportunity.

Therefore, I have decided to set the show up as an evolving exhibition, with 64 new drawings introduced into the space as and when they are produced. Drawings will be presented in various states of completion, with the aim being to complete the series by 1 November 2012 – the final day of the exhibition.

I think this is a really exciting concept and one that allows a greater degree of research and exploration directly through the process of making. It will also make it more explicit that this is an active residency as opposed to something static.

A few people have already said I am slightly mad for attempting so many drawings in the series, but I am convinced the results will be worth it.

More info on how I am approaching the drawings over the coming days.