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Last night was the opening of ‘Autography’ at the Nunnery Gallery. I had a great evening and received some lovely feedback on my work. A number of people were also tweeting using the exhibition tag #MadgeGill. Highlights included:

@RosalindDavis: “A beautiful and terrifying show. Compelling in its intensity and extremity. An Escher-esque quality of a maze of thought and action.”

@KipandFig: “Nice to meet you…loved all the work in the show.”

@MichaelCubey: “Great PV at the Nunnery. Well done.”

@AnnabelTilley: “Congratulations. Really great show.”

I have to admit I was incredibly relieved it was so well received. The last six weeks have probably been the hardest I have ever worked on a show. The 40 drawings I produced in that time were created in quite isolated and intense surroundings, and it was scary seeing them exposed to the public and under close scrutiny. I find private views claustrophobic at the best of times, and I always have my professional hat on (i.e. network like mad and don’t drink too much!) which makes it difficult to truly relax.

However, once I’d got over my initial fears I genuinely enjoyed the evening, particularly the number of interesting conversations with people I have great respect for. Historian Gary Haines, who has contributed research for the project, had some insightful things to say. Also, the Outsider art expert Roger Cardinal suggested I try drawing with my eye’s closed. Not sure the mark making would be quite as precise, but it’s worth a go!

Today it feels strange that the project is theoretically over. However, the urge to draw never really leaves and I am already thinking ahead to what I am working on next. I also have a show opening in a week in Terrington in North Yorkshire which I need to prepare for, along with lots of AIR and a-n admin to catch up on. Plus the ‘Autography’ talk with Annabel Tilley takes place on 19 September.

Lots to look forward to!

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