The Boyhood of Raleigh By Millais

What’s that got to do with the price of fish? your asking me. This painting shows the young Raleigh looking into his future. The Corsair ……..or is he a tary sailair, no matter, anyway we all know Raleigh sets off across the seas.

This is also me at secondary school in the 1970’s listening to my art teachers. In those days I used to paint still life (I wish I still did). I remember a little voice in my head saying I would mature into a Landscape Painter. But the voyages I took never landed there. In fact I never even really became a painter. Raphael, Robert Motherwell or Malcolm Morely, proper feckin painters you know …Breugel even.

But this might be the time to remember that little voice and cross over the water to the landscape over there in the distance I see every day. There has been alot of that water under the bridge since I heard that little voice and I know I will never be a landscape painter in the traditional sense.

So I have decided to be a ‘Landscape Blogger’ instead. It might be even better…….see what comes out?

As for this blog, I guess its dormant, waitng to be picked up in the future maybe?

The title for my new blog will be: Blogging the Blean’.


I have just spent some time really enjoying looking back through the comments on this blog and would like to thank everyone for their contributions, but at the same time appologise to people for not responding properly or picking up and developing issues raised.

I tend to remember the ones about who is bullying who, or what they sing in the bath and the hippy flowers painted in colours that wer’nt even provided for workshop use.

Blogging is best when it is a two way thing and thank you for contributing it is much apprietiated.

I recieved a form for a tendering process yesterday which was accompanied with a 42 page document of guidelines and contractural procurement procedure. This has resulted in my inability to make any sence of the world today, or string coherant thought together at all.

Procurement? we have to re-think this, exchanging information is’nt that difficult is it? The question is always the same though, how will you carry out the ideas you havn’t had yet and how much will they cost to deliver?

Slow down will you..control freak! or is it me that’s unreasonable?


Garden Party at the Garden of Dreams.

You know when your project is a success when:

A) Three unmotivated teachers working with you all resign their posts.

B) The goal posts move 5 times, but you still score.

C) You avoid injuries to pupils when using heavy hand tools and power tools.

D) You ask the school librarian if you can display the design work done on the project in the library to the whole school and they phone reception and request 2 cartakers and head staff to act as a SWAT team to eject you from the premises

E) Your work is not vandalised, but targeted by art theives.

F) One of your lessons causes a full scale riot

G) The Caretaker is on your side

H) A posse of students are sent out to find and bring you back when you’re wandering around the school field talking on your mobile phone, when you hadn’t realised you were supposed to be making a speech and thanking everyone for their help at the celebration garden party.

I) The kids you worked with can’t believe your not coming back.

J) Your fellow artist (Pete) working with you on the project tells the staff ‘Art is about ideas, and design is about realising them’.

K) Finaly; the deputy head invites you to play for their school staff cricket 11.