Working With Other People.

When making art seems all too hard, a waste of time, an uphill struggle or even a loosing battle. Phone a friend and say ‘I have an idea why dont we X-Y-Z’.

Some one I know did this to me. I have done it to a couple of people and things have brightened right up.

Projects both paid and unpaid have resulted, some stuff is more speculative and may sew seeds in future.

Musicians do this all the time: Have a go, push a few buttons, see what happens, take it round the block and push some more buttons and really have a look (as it says in the Honda add).

Isolation: Its a bad place and dont stay there, go there and have look see what its like. I was sitting at my computer pushing refresh on my email box all day and it really is brain damage.

Next week I will be planning work for an ‘Urban Safari’. Today I drew windmills on an abandoned car!

Art……fekin great, make some.