The Beginning…

It was all very well when writing my proposal to come up a list of things I wanted to achieve during this new arts project. But now, when faced with actually getting down to it, nothing seems quite so straightforward.

I’m used to projects with a solid end goal- a concrete outcome, such as an exhibition, which must be achieved by a specific date or withing a certain time frame. This time, however, things are different.

Material Interventions is a Research and Development project. As such it has a definite beginning and middle, but what about an end? It does feel like a dream to receive funding for exploring materials, but it’s only the first week and already I predict that the lack of a specified end goal will make things challenging.

As an artist I’m blessed with never running out of ideas. As a result of this I’ve found I need to spend a good ol’ amount of time planning so I’m not sidetracked every 5 minutes by another random whim or ‘what if…’ musing. So I’ve begun this project with two good solid half days of planning just to get my ideas straight and in an order which I can cope with.

I’ll be interested to see whether this improves my efficiency and work productivity, or if I’ll just revert back to type, chasing ideas here, there and everywhere…

One thing I must just say before I begin is that Arts Council Wales have been awesome in supporting (and continuing to support me) in my ongoing experimentation. Thanks!

Now… to the resin…