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there are two of us on the meanwhile residency.  our time together is currently taking the form of a conversation based on what we leave in the space as a result of us being there.  today i searched out thomas’ latest work.



what thomas has made creates a tension in me because of my continued rejection of bringing resources into the space.  what it has done is moved me to be a little more defined by what i mean by resources – i am after all carrying in equipment with which i am currently creating sketches with.

what got even more head spinning was later when i realised i was leaving three objects arranged in a space upstairs from where thomas’ work is.  the arrangement was on my mind after my last visit to the space.



i reflect we’ve both arranged a set of three on the floor.  thomas’ has carved his set from a material that is designed to be cut into a desired shape.  i have arranged three objects that have a specific known useage.

how might the two intentions be similar ?

if there were both to be presented as they are right now, how might their presence be viewed ?  what other work do i need to do to be able to repurpose found objects into a sculptural statement ?  might the expectation be that in presenting a work, some material has been altered in someway ?

yet this leads me to the notion of installation.  thomas’ is sculptural – agh but wait a moment.  in the picture there are the remnants of the process.

i’m going to stop the worm hole of enquiry there for now to add that if i choose not to work with materials that i alter, am i heading towards an installation ?



in the main space on the ground floor today i moved the two chais i’d previously placed.  this led me to a new thinking as i looked at a wall i have previously not faced and looked at.



i feel more comfortable now  when i sit to eat or make notes or to think.



today i’ve worked some more on the poem based video i’m researching.  it still remains a challenge and in the ideas i’m working through i hope i’m progressing towards something.  well i am working towards something and i wait to look at the rushes and develop them alongside the new readings of the poem i did today.

still the tension around the notion of resources remains with me.