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had a chance to meet with thomas today.  we stood and talked around the residency and where and what we’re up to.  he shared with me how he’s in the throws of preparing for his ma show.  i very much enjoyed the conversation and exploring of ideas and what’s behind them.



i feel very much in flow now with the residency.  the research i’m doing towards the realisation of a response to the poem standing to give me thoughts and ideas of how i might work with a group to do something similar.

as the poem was anonymously published i am unable to share the process and thoughts with the author about what image goes where.   i’m missing that collaborative / co-production aspect.   i’m working on my own pretty much.  with the conversation with tom today, did come so things to consider and try.  i am enjoying the creative space that lone working is providing.



i have to say i am throughly enjoying the preparation of images for each blog post.  i’m seeing images that are new to my world and they are giving me great joy.

i’ve started to reflect also how the process i’m in is being split between the space and home.  the space is very much a place to work and create content.  if circumstances were different in a few ways, i think i could also do the post work on the files there too.  for now, like a lot of the pandemic, i’m working on the dining table at home.

the biggest factor is it doesn’t feel safe enough to leave items of value in the space.  it’s difficult to say but there it is.



while waiting for the bus this morning i started to entertain the thought of display.  certainly with the original timescale of three months in the space in mind i am of a mind that putting on an event with outcomes from the residency would be a must.  do i stage the poem film within an enclosed space and make limited invitations to see it?  time is short and we’re in the summer break.  i’ve experienced trying to stage an exhibition at this time of year before – more apologies than attendees.

i’m glad i’ve had the thought.  i’m going to sleep on it, see what becomes of it.