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During my time at CSAD so far I have been sharing a studio space with the lovely Lisa Evans. Lisa also writes her blog here on A-N. I am really appreciative of sharing a space with someone who is so encouraging and witty; and with whom I share so many interests. I think we really do bounce off each other. With regards to our practise- whilst at the beginning I was aware of some shared interests, such as using organic bodily materials like hair and looking at issues considered to be taboo- our processes were very different. To me despite our similarities we were very different. Lisa graduated from a sculptural course. She was used to driving a fork lift truck and working with a tonne of concrete at a time! In contrast to this, I had spent much of my degree in deep reflection. Writing continuously in my journal. Developing my concepts in my mind before experimenting with materials in a different way. Less machinery, more quiet, meditative, durational action!

The reason I write about this is because at the end of this past term I had a realisation. It may have been obvious to the outside world but for me it became clear when reflecting on my work throughout the module in preparation for assessment…When looking at mine and Lisa’s work alongside each other they seem to fit in the same conversation. The works seem to speak to each other despite the fact that they have come from a different place conceptually. I started to think about how conversation had flowed between the boundaries of our spaces and I began to consider that the energy we put into our work may have also crossed boundaries- like a subconscious collaboration.

I suppose this is probably a common thing in shared spaces- I am not entirely sure. I did share a studio with students from my degree course, but a lot of those student worked from home. You were able to see / work out some sort of connection between the works from the student of my degree, but you had to work at it. The connections between mine and Lisa’s work is much more explicit. More visible.

Having spoke about this with tutors they have also mentioned that they have noticed this develop in the space over the term. Having discussed this with Lisa we have decided to work with it and not resist it. After studying MFA it is likely that I will work in a studio alone- due to my location, not by choice! And so for me this subconscious collaboration is likely to be temporary. A temporary feature of my MFA. I would like to highlight this, draw attention to it. What myself and Lisa would like to do is to continue to develop our work as we have been, but to work towards curating a show together of our work. Taking what is visible in the studio and showing it in a public space to highlight the potential for shared spaces and this ‘subconscious collaboration’. We both feel passionate that this will be an exciting venture and i do think that the curation of the work will act as an extension of our practise. An exciting start to 2016!