Dean and I met in Bruton for a two day alchemical workshop with Jungian analyst Catherine Bygott. ⁣

⁣Our sessions with Catherine seem to have been building to this point and it was a highly charged, emotional and influential time. As we worked through active imagination exercises, spontaneous sculpture building and responsive drawings we realised how interwoven our research practice and personal alchemical journeys had become.⁣

Mercurius rose as a key character of importance – the volatile and transforming influence seemingly at work in the days before and after the workshop as well as during. We have much to continue processing.⁣

Synchronicity was at work as the current exhibition at Hauser & Wirth a short walk away, was “Unconscious Landscape”. We visited the day after the workshop, and used the time to reflect on what the physical outcome of this research project might look like.⁣

We were able to extend our time together a little further as Dean came back to West Dorset with me to continue our discussions and visit my studio and some of the new work that had been taking place recently. With conversations of ritual and the influence of the elements on the psyche the visit was completed with a bracing entry into the grey seas.